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Northern Uganda’s Civil War

After the war,

before Cents for Seeds 


The civil war in Northern Uganda began in the early 1990’s, overall killing tens of thousands of people, with an estimated 40,000 children kidnapped to become child soldiers and 1.6 million people becoming displaced. 

It was a truly traumatic period for those living in the North, an experience Julius knows all about as he was kidnapped to become a child soldier, escaping to later realise his dream of running. 

To help create an idea of what Uganda was like in 2010, after the war, we’ve pulled together 3 of the experiences from women that lived through it, and are now a part of Cents for Seeds to help build themselves back up. 

Eunice Awoni – Barr Village

“Life before Cents for Seeds was very hard because everyone was staying in the Internally Displaced Peoples camps. We were given food from the Ugandan Government. However, in 2008 the Government stopped supplying food and we were told to return home to our ravaged land. Life from then on became ever more difficult. Now our life is better again.”

Harriett – Barr Village

“Before returning from the camps, (displacement camps set up by the Ugandan government to support those that had no home to go back to), there was no money. We would plant seeds and sell only a few cups, the yield would only be enough for us to eat for a short time.”

Sophia Odero – Otuke Town

“Life before Cents for Seeds was very difficult for me because I had to wait for everything to come from my husband or the government.”

This is what life looks like now.


Our 2020 Impact Report shows us that communities are stronger, with women reporting that their overall wellbeing has significantly improved.

They have access to medical services and an increased feeling of safety, connection and respect within the community. Women also reported being better able to give their children a good life and a personal development in problem solving skills.

The average wellbeing of a woman in Cents for Seeds was…

…13% higher…

…than a woman not in the program.

Key findings 2020

Your generosity, whether it’s a monthly $30 seed loan or a once off donation, goes towards working to restore what the war took from communities across Northern Uganda. Whether it’s income, self confidence, connection to community, feeling safe in their own homes or an individual’s resilience, there are so many positive outcomes for women and their families as a direct result of you funding their seed loans. Thank you!

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