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The Village is a group of monthly donors, generous and passionate people – people like you – who are coming together to invest in the future generations of Uganda. After all, it takes a village. 

We are is stronger together, as the combined impact of monthly donations ensure that all Love Mercy Foundation projects continue to run month to month, and plans can be made to grow and improve throughout the year.

What could your impact look like?

As little as $30 a month can empower 12 women with a seed loan for the year. With an average of 6 children per household, you can impact over 80 lives in a single year. Even better, those 12 seed loans are returned from a portion of harvest at the end of the year and are given to new women joining the project.

Your tax-deductible gift continues to impact another 12 households the following year! 

Become part of a caring community of monthly donors from all over the world making a real impact each month in the communities of northern Uganda.

Over the last 12 years, The Village has contributed to:

  Providing over 115,000 seed loans to households in northern Uganda as part of Cents for Seeds

  Supporting the Kristina Health Centre to enable over 68,000 patients to access primary medical care

  Drilling over 70 new water wells and repairing over 300 broken wells providing access to clean water

Stronger together. As the community continues to grow, the impact does too.



In one year, you will provide 12 women with 30kg seed loans. The 150 – 300kg harvest will pay for children’s education, put food on the table, generate income for health care, livestock and other needs. 



Your monthly gift will provide 12 birthing kits to the Kristina Health Centre to ensure a safe birth for 12 mothers and their babies. This will include any medication required, equipment and a midwife.



There are thousands of broken wells in Uganda. Each month you can repair a broken well and provide 12 communities of up to 500 people with access to safe, clean water, reducing the risk of sickness & disease, and keeping children in school.

What to expect when you join The Village:

The Village newsletter delivered to your inbox every month. We have a strong relationship with our team on the ground in Uganda and like to catch up weekly to see what is happening. We will share some of these updates with you once a month, so you know exactly how your gift is changing lives in northern Uganda.

You’ll be the first to hear about anything new that is on our radar, whether it is exclusive access to events, new stories from the field or updates about when Eloise is speaking or holding a running event, and when Julius might be visiting.

Giving to something you believe in makes you feel good. When you give each month to Love Mercy projects, you know that your gift is going toward sustainably empowering communities in a way that will result in generational change. Every monthly gift over $2.00 is also tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt each month.

As a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) code of conduct and as a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), you can trust our team with your donations.

Our commitment is to the women in northern Uganda, to adapt and adjust when needed. We work to remain transparent with how your donations work to support this. You can read more about this on the Reports and Policies pages.

Meet The Village

Amoyai Parish, Okwang subcounty
Amoyai Parish, Okwang subcounty

“I love supporting Cents for Seeds. I love to know that the $30 a month that I donate is giving a woman and her family a hand up, not a hand out, and will on to benefit many others thanks to her hard work. I love the monthly stories that I get via email. I feel like I am making a real difference.”

Natalie Lennon
"I am so excited to become a Change Maker by donating $30 a month. I can't wait to go to Uganda one day. Sending seed ahead of me is the best thing to do whilst I wait. I was so excited when I added up my donations for the year for tax time. It was the best money I have spent all year"
Rossie Campbell

"We decided to donate monthly partly because our lives have become quieter due to restrictions of COVID-19. We are not spending as much and it is a great time to do something meaningful with the extra money. Even if our lives hadn't become quieter we had begun talking about cutting back to give to those in need. We all spend more than we intent to on unnecessary items like coffees, buying cushions for the couch or impulse buying of items that end up sitting in cupboards or on shelves. We live very fortunately lives in Australia where we can work, get government assistance etc. This is something we should have done earlier. We are so glad we have started. We can change our decisions from the past but we can change them moving forward"

Justin and Kate Mcdonald
“It's my connection to the women, the mothers, the breadwinners, knowing my contribution can empower them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient, independent and successful business women. We may live in different worlds, but we have the same hopes and dreams.”
Mel Campbell
“Love Mercy have wise programmes in place. People are trained & empowered to help themselves, then reach out to other local communities. The origins of this organisation impacted me. I trust the founders. Love Mercy is a portrait of active love & righteousness.”
Janelle and Michael Dwyer
"I donate to Love Mercy, primarily through their Cents for Seeds program, because I know that almost the entire $ donated goes directly to helping those in need. It is also so tangible- $30 buys 30kg of seed. I have also seen first-hand where the money goes and the impact it has in changing the lives of those in Northern Uganda." Gerard Timbs, Lawyer
Gerard Timbs