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Kristina Health Centre
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Location:Uganda, Africa
The Kristina Health Centre was officially opened in August 2012. The clinic has been treating the local community with some patients travelling up to 50 kms in one day on foot to reach the Health Centre. Kristina provides maternity services, primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education. The most common illnesses are malaria, typhoid, cough and flu, pneumonia and other serious conditions including internal organ issues requiring referral to Lira Regional Hospital.
Raised: $460
Goal: $3,000

The Kristina Health Centre

“Empowering the people of Awake with access to health care”

How the Centre came to be

Julius Achon had a dream to build a Medical Clinic in his village of Awake in honour of his mother Kristina who was shot and killed during the war in 2004. With the closest access to health care being 78kms away, there was a large need within the rural northern Uganda community – and thanks to AUCF and generous donors, the Kristina Health Centre (KHC) began construction in 2011. 

The KHC opened in 2012, and with it, communities now have the opportunity to receive care in a clean, safe and qualified environment – something we believe everyone should have access to.

Some highlights so far


patients treated

Over 20

hardworking local staff


babies born at the clinic

Functioning Facilities

maternity ward, antenatal clinic, patient ward, ambulance and outreach program


Kristina Health Centre, Otuke District

The Kristina Clinic was opened in 2012 and treats the local community for illnesses from cold and flu to HIV/Aids, provides free immunizations for children, triage, and an ambulance service to the district.

The staff at Kristina Health Centre

Supported by midwifery, nursing and lab staff


Piona and her mother Santa

Santa brought her daughter, Piona, to KHC for her first immunisations. She walked one km from her home to KHC. Free immunisations are provided to the community every Wednesday. A few months later, Piona was brought back to KHC for her six month immunisations. Her mother was so impressed with the services at KHC that she now brings the rest of her family here when they are sick.

Juspin Okii

Juspin is 9 years old and is studying in P1 at Amori Primary School. On 21 January, she was bitten by a snake on her lower leg however the venom soon spread right up to her knee. Her whole leg had swollen and the lower leg had started to rot. Her father, Patrick, immediately took her to their local medical centre where she received very poor treatment and the wound only became worse. After one week, Patrick (a peasant farmer) decided to hire a boda to take them the 29kms from their village to KHC where he knew they would receive proper treatment. He paid 25,000 shillings for the return ride ($1 AUD). After her initial treatment at KHC, Patrick immediately saw a change. They stayed at KHC for one month while she recovered. When asked why he chose KHC, Patrick said: “The news had spread that KHC gives good services. I have seen a lot of people from my village come here. This is the first time I have been and I would come back because I have seen the services provided and they are good.”

The Maternity Ward

Maternity services at Kristina Health Centre include antenatal and postnatal care, ultrasound and dedicated midwives to assist with birth.

We continue to build our Maternity Ward to bring emergency maternity services to women of northern Uganda.


Partner with us

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