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Income Generating Activities
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Location:Northern Uganda, Africa
Income Generating Activities build on our mission to co-design innovative solutions and build on existing strengths with local communities in northern Uganda to overcome poverty and increase wellbeing.
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Income Generating Activities

This project sees savings groups empowered with economic security to support their family.

Once women graduate from Cents for Seeds and work with their Village Savings and Loan Group, they look to boost their income in other ways. It encourages further economic security and sees VSLA groups develop their own ‘side hustle’ for additional income.

Six trial groups started in 2021 with tailoring projects, farming additional land, raising poultry, and even starting a piggery!

If you are in a position to fund a new Income Generating Group, please do get in touch with us!

Or by giving a gift below you can contribute to empowering a group of women in Northern Uganda.

Tailoring Project

The first tailoring project launched in 2021 thanks to the generosity of three main partners: Country Women’s Association, The Swinhoe family and The Inner Wheel. The two-year tailoring project aims to empower women and girls with skills and resources to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families.

The set-up for this project required training space, sewing machines, tools, fabric and a dedicated tailoring trainer.  The students train in workshops each day with one sewing machine shared between three students.

Tailoring update & what graduation looks like

The tailoring students decided they would like a uniform for their lessons and have been working towards making it themselves with the materials provided. Some of the group have also already made beautiful dresses and skirts!

The group has also formed a Village Savings and Loans Group, where they will be taught how to save, what interest is and how to borrow.

After two years of training, the tailoring students will have saved half the cost of a new sewing machine. Love Mercy Foundation will support the other half, ensuring the girls have what they need to begin their tailoring business, selling clothing in the village or at the market to earn an income.

Raising Poultry

Another activity started in 2021 was a small business raising poultry. This has brought such a positive impact to the community.

Activities like these allow women to continue to generate income for their families to pay for food, education and healthcare, as well as supporting others in their village.

Our Goals

Empowered with a sustainable source of stable income, independent of Cents for Seeds.

40 produce- or agricultural-related businesses established, owned and operated by women.

From increased income stability plus increased access to food, education and healthcare.

Give below to contribute to an income generating activity this year.