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Humidicrib saving the lives of premature twins

The Kristina Health Clinic offers maternity services that previously expecting Mums had to travel upwards of 72kms to, whether by motorcycle or foot. Now, they have a much closer option that offers not only quality care, but in a clean and safe clinic with the resources to handle many of the varying scenarios that can come about whether before, during or after childbirth.

Earlier this year the Kristina Health Clinic received it’s very first humidicrib! Used for monitoring a baby’s oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing, the crib is a welcome addition to the maternity ward with staff having undergone training to make sure it’s used correctly. All of this to help ensure the clinic continues to offer the best care it can to newborns and their Mummas.

In July of 2020, the KHC’s Senior Clinical Officer, Daniel, shared this news with the team. Premature twin boys Opio Brian and his brother (yet to be named) were delivered naturally at the KHC. With the help of the humidicrib their lives were saved!

On delivery, the premmies weighed in at just 1kg each! Both are doing well and are now out of danger.

Daniel commended his team for their effort in ensuring these babies had the best care. The boys and their Mum, Atapara Joan, are now out of danger, safe and sound at home with dad Okello Bosco.

We want to say a huge thank you for supporting the work of the Kristina Health Centre. With your help these premature babies had the care that they needed in the time that it was needed most.

Julius’ dream of building a clinic so the lives of others did not end early is carrying on and saving lives. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support in making this a reality.

“I had done antenatal appointments here at the clinic where she felt comfortable. I arrived here already in labour. It’s good at this clinic, it’s clean and the the nurses are good.”

– Okello Felensta, 26 years old, gave birth at the KHC in March 2020.

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