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Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds in remote villages in northern Uganda for the last 12 years. On each of our trips and with feedback from Love Mercy Uganda staff, we could see the progression and improvement of communities in a tangible way – families in the program had more food, they could send children to school and begin saving. They seemed happier. How could we know for sure?

We decided to measure it. 

Huber Social create a benchmark for organisations to track their impact using a social value metric framework based on wellbeing. The surveys and process result in a measurement of ‘collective wellbeing’ that will position every person to achieve their potential. Through our partnership with Huber Social, Love Mercy Foundation began measuring the wellbeing of individuals and communities in northern Uganda.

When you give a gift of $30, $60, $1,000, or any amount, you are contributing to increasing the overall wellbeing of individuals and communities in northern Uganda.

You are empowering families out of poverty, you are changing their lives forever. 

Abako Village Snapshot

Abako Village has 216 individuals in Cents for Seeds. They have been part of the project for over 4 years, and have seen a 66% increase in wellbeing since beginning their journey.

These women have experienced…

+107% increase in a peaceful home environment

+71% increase in mental wellness – a reduction in feeling afraid

+64% resilience

+54% physical health

+44% mental wellness – having things to hope for

+43% pride in ones life – self respect