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Meet… Betty

Meet Betty!

At 42 years old, she’s married with 4 kids and has been in Cents for Seeds for 3 years.

Throughout her time in C4S, she’s received both soya beans and simsim (sesame seeds).

Her first harvest, she yielded 6 basins (42kgs) of soybeans and in her second, 42kgs again. From both of these yields, she was able to pay for her children’s school fees, medical bills, keep some for food at home and then sell the rest to put into her savings. She was even able to buy a cow, which she uses for milk for not only her family but to further sell to others, generating another source of income for her family. Her goal for this year’s harvest is make upwards of 1 bag (100kgs) of yield with an ultimate vision of to building a house.

Betty is just one of many women in Cents for Seeds who have used their income to start a small business or to generate another source of income. She reflects a wide group of women who have sought more opportunity from the 30kg loan that was offered to them. She has only been able to do this because of our generous giving community and a simple $30 donation.

Betty and her family use a well for water, unfortunately the well is 3-4kms away from her home. She uses her bicycle to get water so it’s easier and more efficient. If she was walking to the well, it would take x5 times as long.

If you’re interested in supporting the need to build more wells in Northern Uganda read more about our Well Worth It project by clicking the below button…

To learn more about Cents for Seeds and the impact it has for women across Northern Uganda, watch the following video!

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