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Well Worth It
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Location:Northern Uganda
Well Worth It is a well drilling water project that came out of our Impact studies in Cents for Seeds. Through our partnership with Water for Africa, communities in northern Uganda are provided access to clean water - something that they may not have not had before.
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Goal: $100,000

Well Worth It

In northern Uganda, women and children walk anywhere from 5 – 10kms to collect their water 3 times per day.

Often, the water isn’t even clean.

Well Worth It seeks to provide communities with access to safe, clean water – a basic human right.


Okune Well

A contaminated water source 2.9kms away was their only was of accessing water. They would make this trip 3 x per day. In the village, the team spoke with a 70year old man from the community who had never seen clean water. He never believed in his lifetime it would be possible. The well now provides water for a community of 2,000 people.



The old water source was 3.5kms away. There was much sickness visible in the community. They cheered when the water was pumped.


Well #56

600 households impacted


Well #55

Servicing a community of 250 people


Well # 53

300 households


To drill a bore hole in northern Uganda, it costs just $7,500 (AUD)

This includes a hand pump and a bore hole that will reach a depth of at least 60m. We employ a local team on the ground who know the right standards and the community, and so can stay in touch once the bore has been drilled.

To repair a bore hole in northern Uganda, it costs just $250 (AUD)

Too many communities have access to a bore hole that has been in need of repair for months if not years. Our local team perform service and maintenance, and repair these wells so communities can have clean water again.