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The Village impact

This year as we continue to partner with communities in northern Uganda, we are focused on the goal of growing our impact. Part of that goal is to grow our monthly donor community. You can see some of their smiling faces above.

Previously called ‘The Change Makers’, our community of nearly 200 monthly givers ensure that Love Mercy Foundation projects can continue to run month to month. This generous community ensures that we can plan ahead, supporting a certain number of seed loans, patients and water wells throughout the year. The impact of their giving is felt now, as the current generation is empowered out of poverty, and well into the future, as their children, and Children’s children are impacted.

In 2021 alone, our monthly donor community has contributed to incredible impact:

So what is the news? 

Our group of passionate and committed monthly supporters are transforming to become ‘The Village’.

Why did we call it ‘The Village?’ 

In Uganda, women participating in Cents for Seeds tell us that by joining the project they find themselves becoming more social & connected, uniting as a community group more often and helping one another farm their loan of seeds. The Village Savings and Loans groups work together to save and support those struggling in their community. In their villages, women and families help with children, lean on each other for support, and share in the joy and challenges of life. 

We want to celebrate the significance of community and grow THE VILLAGE to generate even more positive impact in the communities of northern Uganda. The Village here, empowers supports and stands alongside the villages in northern Uganda. 

As our team in Uganda tell us, we are STRONGER TOGETHER. So come with us on the journey and join the village, because your generosity will make a difference that can last a lifetime. 

For as little as $30 a month, you can join The Village & be inspired every month by what is possible.

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