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Top tips for conquering The Mother Run

Let’s be honest, moving 5km a day sounds easy in theory – but it will get hard! There will be days when you will be tired and things will come up. Life will get busy and it will be tricky to fit it in, but I want to say from the outset, that your commitment to this will have an impact that will far outweigh the moments of tiredness or frazz about fitting it in.

Every step you take this May will go to funding safe births for women and their babies at Kristina Health Centre in Northern Uganda.

This month, together, we have the collective ability to make change in the lives of others. Let’s do this!

Here are my top tips to conquer The Mother Run 5km a day in May:

Eloise Wellings race finish and top tips for the Mother Run
  1. Find your people! Take your family and friends on this journey with you this month. Get them involved in however you are moving your 5k! Get them to ride alongside you as you run or schedule a walking buddy.
  2. Start gradually! If you haven’t been running, it’s probably not the best idea to try and run every day. Start by walking and then increase to walk/running the 5km and every couple of days gradually add to the amount that you’re running.
  3. Break it up! If you’re not normally an everyday runner, consider having a couple of days of the week where you choose a lower impact exercise like stationary biking or elliptical or a ride on the mountain bike.
  4. Get it done early if you can! Exercising in the morning has proven benefits such as better focus, better mood, increased overall energy and healthier food choices. There’s also less chance of anything derailing your well-intentioned plans if you get up with the rising sun!
  5. Consider using Revvies energy strips to help kickstart your 5k effort for the day. The caffeine is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream, giving you an almost instant boost and it won’t upset your stomach on the run! The Arctic Charge is my favourite flavour. Revvies have kindly offered our Love Mercy community a 15% discount – 0rder Revvies online here!

Keep going, you got this!

Donate to The 5km a day in May Mother Run Challenge below. Together, we can support safe births and give mothers and babies in Northern Uganda the best start at life.

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