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The Maternity Project
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Location:Awake, Uganda
The Maternity Projects aims to build a fully fitted out Maternity Ward in remote northern Uganda on the same grounds as our Kristina Clinic. We are on a mission to provide the best maternal health care in northern Uganda, providing mother's and their babies with the very best opportunity at life from the beginning. Currently, our midwives see the safe delivery of over 300 babies per month.
Raised: $4,060
Goal: $150,000

The Maternity Ward will contain

Intensive Care Unit

Ultrasound unit

Antenatal Services

Emergency Services


Obstetrician & Anaesthetist

2 x NICU Humidicribs

Post Natal Services

Snr Midwife & 3 Jnr Midwives

Currently all high risk births are referred to Lira Hospital – 72kms away on a bumpy red dirt road and significantly under-resourced. A journey that takes almost two hours.

While the Kristina Clinic has been able to offer the space, the solution to maternity has been temporary. In order to reduce the strain on our Health Clinic and provide the best posisble care, we need to provide a separate facility. 30 babies delivered per month keeps our midwives busy, with most women having already attended pre natal appointments.

A stand alone facility would increase our capacity to offer safe births as well as complete outreach within the wider communities.



[timeline type=”solid” line_color=”#008f4e”][timeline_item position=”right” node_color=”#008f4e” date=”April 2012″ date_text_color=”#ffffff” title=”KHC Opens in Awake village, Otuke District ” date_color=”#008f4e”]Kristina Health Clinic is officially opened for business by Jim Fee, Julius Achon & Love Mercy Foundation

[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”left” node_color=”#008f4e” date=”September 2017″ date_color=”#008f4e” date_text_color=”#ffffff” title=”Partitioning of the Patient Ward for Maternity Services”]After realising the urgent need, the clinic opens it’s doors to expectant mothers. 4 midwives deliver 30 babies per month for women who walk as far as 20kms

.[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” node_color=”#008f4e” date=”January 2018″ date_color=”#008f4e” date_text_color=”#ffffff” title=”Construction of the Staff Quarters”]12 x 2 room ‘units’ were built to allow for staff accomodation.

[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”left” node_color=”#008f4e” date=”April 2019″ date_color=”#008f4e” date_text_color=”#ffffff” title=”Construction of a stand alone maternity ward with ICU, Emergency Services and Ultrasound”]The next immediate step in our project. We need funding for the building to be constructed.

[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”left” node_color=”#008f4e” date=”Late 2019″ date_color=”#008f4e” date_text_color=”#ffffff” title=”Employment of Obstetrician and Anaesthetist “][/timeline_item][/timeline]