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Love Mercy works in northern Uganda to empower communities out of poverty sustainably. 


After the horrors of a 20 year long civil war, our three main projects increase access to education, health care and income generation for thousands of families.

Raised: $27,240
Goal: $20
Raised: $0
Goal: $100,000
Raised: $460
Goal: $3,000
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We are honoured to stand alongside the communities of northern Uganda through the support of our donors and community.

$30 provides a woman with a 30kg loan of seeds such as beans or sesame, as well as a hand held gardening tool, educational workshops, and access to savings groups.


"I run for the sanity of my life and to know I can run for the safety of hers is the least I can do. Facing a birth is entering one of the most daunting moments in life even when you know the environment you’re in is safe. I cannot imagine what that would be like for her, who would normally not have access to all the health benefits I take for granted. To truly empathize is to put myself in her shoes and run with that in mind, knowing that a throng of others are running too and together we are making her difference!"

Tabea Oppliger

“I love supporting Cents for Seeds. I love to know that the $30 a month that I donate is giving a woman and her family a hand up, not a hand out, and will on to benefit many others thanks to her hard work. I love the monthly stories that I get via email. I feel like I am making a real difference.”

Natalie Lennon
"I am so excited to become a Change Maker by donating $30 a month. I can't wait to go to Uganda one day. Sending seed ahead of me is the best thing to do whilst I wait. I was so excited when I added up my donations for the year for tax time. It was the best money I have spent all year"
Rossie Campbell

"We decided to donate monthly partly because our lives have become quieter due to restrictions of COVID-19. We are not spending as much and it is a great time to do something meaningful with the extra money. Even if our lives hadn't become quieter we had begun talking about cutting back to give to those in need. We all spend more than we intent to on unnecessary items like coffees, buying cushions for the couch or impulse buying of items that end up sitting in cupboards or on shelves. We live very fortunately lives in Australia where we can work, get government assistance etc. This is something we should have done earlier. We are so glad we have started. We can change our decisions from the past but we can change them moving forward"

Justin and Kate Mcdonald

2010 → 2020

In 2010, Julius Achon met Eloise Wellings. He shared his heart to help his community who had suffered through the 20 year civil war. In 2020, we are honoured and amazed at what has been achieved from one humble man's dream.

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Cents for Seeds is changing the lives of families in Uganda by empowering women and enabling them to provide for their families.