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The Impact Report 2020

We commit to measuring our impact on the ground in Uganda each year, by surveying a group of the women in Cents for Seeds.

Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds in remote villages in northern Uganda for the last 7 years. On each of our trips, we could see the progression and improvement of communities in a tangible way – families in the program had more food, they seemed happier. How could we know for sure? We decided to measure it. 

13% increase in wellbeing!

These outcomes show that Cents for Seeds does not only provide a family with food, income, access to health care and education.

Cents for Seeds is improving the overall well-being of individuals in the project and as they continue in the project, their well-being continues to increase.

To measure overall well-being, individuals were asked about their ‘satisfaction with life’ – something we can all relate to. Well-being was shown to increase by 13% for women in the project

Love Mercy works in northern Uganda to empower communities out of poverty sustainably.

Our three main projects increase access to education, health care and income generation.

Read about our projects below. You can contribute to sustainable impact today.

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Illustrate it yourself - Kids book!


School Holidays are upon us! How is time going so fast and slow at the same time?

We were thinking about our own kids at home, and how we have always wanted a version of Julius’ story to tell them. It is so encouraging and eye opening for kids.

So, after you put your email in, you receive a link direct to your inbox that is the kids version of Founder Julius Achon’s story. The purpose is to ‘Illustrate it yourself’ , so kids can illustrate in whatever way they like – painting, drawing, cutting and pasting… anything!

It also can just be read as a story in quiet time.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on @Lovemercyfoundation for both Instagram and Facebook! 

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Who we are

Love Mercy began in 2010 in Sydney, Australia after Eloise Wellings, Australian Olympian, met Ugandan Olympian and former child soldier, Julius Achon. She promised to fulfill his dream of restoring hope to his village in Northern Uganda after decades of civil war. Love Mercy sees a future where Northern Uganda is transformed through simple solutions to poverty. Our two main projects, Cents for Seeds and the Kristina Health Centre, increase access to education, health care, and income generation and are funded entirely by generous donations from the public. We need your help.

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Cents for Seeds is changing the lives of families in Uganda by empowering women and enabling them to provide for their families.