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Are you looking to give a gift that means more this Christmas? There are some big ticket items that we are hoping to fund before the end of the year and we need your help! Workplace, family, friends, churches! Come on board and have an impact that will last a lifetime. Simply add the custom amount to the value box, and as soon as these are funded we will take them down and keep you updated!

A Newborn Care Corner $3,650 – in the Kristina Health Centre Postpartum Ward, it will provide new mums with a safe & private space for skin-to-skin care and all the equipment needed to care for sick & premature newborns

VHT training Kits $3,089– specifically to train 30 VHT leaders in Otuke district in caring for newborns, focusing on sick or premature babies. Some VHTs are in KHCs constituency, and some are from the clinics where we see the most maternity referrals. This aims to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and provide the best support to mums & babies.

A New Well  $8,000– in Akadium Village Olec, in Otuke Town Council. This community shares a water source with local livestock and rely on rainfall to create an ongoing source.

Repairing a well  $300– some wells in rural northern Uganda have been down for months, if not years. The repair team will repair, train and test the water in these wells and restore them to full function.


Every dollar goes such a long way in northern Uganda.

A $30 gift from you will provide a loan of seeds that a woman can take and turn into food and economic security. Through her hard work, she can maximise the 30kg, put food on the table and earn an income. This allows her to join the local savings group and develop a safeguard.

At the end of the year, she hands that 30kg back and another woman receives it the following year. 

For information on how to give via direct deposit, please see below.

More ways to give

Tax Deductible Direct Deposit
You can give a tax deductible donation via direct deposit to our bank account- Name: Love Mercy Overseas Aid Fund ACC: 10377955 BSB: 062 259 Be sure to include your last name on the deposit. Email [email protected] for a tax deductible receipt.
Non Tax Deductible direct deposit
You can give a via direct deposit to our bank account - Name: Love Mercy Foundation Ltd ACC: 10326437 BSB: 062 259 Be sure to include your last name on the deposit. Email [email protected] for a receipt.
Mail a cheque donation to PO Box 702 Sutherland, NSW 1499. Don't forget your return address and email so we can send you a receipt.
How much of my donation goes overseas?
We aim for a minimum of 70% of donations to reach Uganda. You can read our annual reports on our website for more info or send an email to [email protected].
Wills & Bequests
If you would like to include a gift in your will please get in touch with us via [email protected]. We would love to chat with you.

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