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The Mother Run recovery tips

We’re so grateful for all of the participants of The Mother Run. Your effort and passion over the month of May was inspiring!

Thanks to your dedication, the impact of the funds raised will help women in northern Uganda access the birthing care that they deserve, in order to bring their precious babies into this world safely.

Now take some time to relax and recover. Elzy has shared her tips for recovery post Mother Run Challenge.

How to recover after The Mother Run 5km a day in May:

  1. Celebrate what you’ve achieved! Treat yourself, whether it be to a favourite meal or a massage – you’ve done an amazing job!
  2. Relax! If your legs feel tired, consider taking an Epsom salts bath to relax your muscles a couple of times a week.
  3. Regulate your nervous system. If you feel up to trying a new recovery technique, I’ve been implementing breathwork. Using the In8 app (developed by my good friend and mental skills coach, Rory Darkins), breath training offers a world of benefits for general health and wellbeing and more specifically recovering from strenuous seasons of life.
  4. Take it easy, but keep the blood flowing by switching up your activity. So, if you ran every day in May, consider walking or stationary biking to help maintain your conditioning.
  5. Don’t waste this fitness. Keep moving! Come July, we hit the streets of the shire for the Sutherland to Surf! This year we are focusing on drilling water wells in four specific communities that are in desperate need of clean water.
Come with us!

What’s next? Join us for the 50th anniversary of the Sutherland 2 Surf!

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