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Celebrating births at KHC in May

We celebrate so many moments at Love Mercy Foundation, and some of our favourite moments to celebrate are when we hear about births at the Kristina Health Centre.

Last week 7 newborns were delivered safely into their mothers’ arms thanks to the services available at KHC. Here are a couple of stories we’d like to share with you.

Meet Molly and her new baby girl!

Molly, a mother of 3, gave birth to her 4th baby after a successful, normal delivery at KHC last week!

“I lost my last two pregnancies, one to miscarriage and the other was a stillbirth. I was beginning to be nervous and losing hope to have a baby again, but I kept attending my antenatal appointments and took my medications routinely from KHC.”

Surprise birth of twins!

The mum presented at Kristina Health Centre already 2cm dilated. On examination, the midwives found she was having twins! A surprise to the staff and to the very shocked mum.

After checking availability, she was sent for a quick scan to check the babies’ position and other essential details before labour. The scan revealed one baby was breech. She was referred to Lira Regional Referral Hospital, where she safely delivered both babies.

This highlights the importance of women having access to maternity services. By attending antenatal appointments, finding out a mum is carrying twins, and their position before labour, could have been picked up earlier.

Impact of The Mother Run 5km a day in May Challenge

This is why we move 5km a day in May Mother Run. To raise funds for safe births. For mummas like Molly and her new baby girl, and so the KHC team have the ability and resources to can help mums with the surprise news of twins!

After discussions with Daniel, the Senior Clinical Officer at KHC, we’re aiming to fund both immediate short-term and long-term needs at KHC. The money raised so far by the incredible participants in this challenge is already making a significant impact by funding new equipment for KHC this month!

Short Term Immediate Goals

  • Digital weighing scales – replacing manual baby sling style weighing system
  • Pulse oximeter & Vital sign monitors – to monitor oxygen saturation levels in mums and babies
  • Patient screens – forming mini rooms, giving privacy to women after birth (especially those who need to stay a week or more with a premmie baby)
  • Fetal dopplers – this allows the midwives to check for the baby’s heartbeat… and mum can hear it too!

Long Term Goals for KHC

By raising our overall goal in The 5km a day in May Mother run Challenge to $60,000, we hope to work towards the purchase and use of an ultrasound machine for women to have 12-week and 20-week scans at their antenatal appointments.

Some other long-term goals are installing a backup power generator so power to equipment like the humidicrib is constant. Plus adding weekly integrated maternal and child health outreach in the remote communities surrounding KHC, and possibly increasing staff.

Every donation contributes to these goals.

We are so grateful for your support of The Kristina Health Centre. It is thanks to you that these babies, and so many more, have access to the care that they need for the best start in life.

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