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KHC transitions to a Level 4 Clinic: The beginning

Since the Kristina Health Centre opened in 2012, hundreds of patients have been treated each month with primary medical care, including triage services, diagnostics, referrals, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing, education and outreach services. Before the Kristina Centre was opened, there was no other health facility in the area within a 78 km radius.

In 2017, KHC broadened its services to meet the need of the community in providing maternity care. Women were mostly birthing at home, or on the way to the hospital several hours drive away. Five midwives now deliver an average of 25 babies per month and provide essential antenatal and postnatal care to mothers, including breastfeeding support, and health education.


KHC has made a significant impact on the community over the last 11 years, offering accessible and equitable care for those most in need.

This year, we have confirmed a plan for the future growth of Kristina Health Centre to bring further health care services to the people of the Otuke district.


Over the next 3 years, we are continuing to work toward becoming a Level 4 Health Centre in Uganda. This includes the addition of:

Antenatal Clinic

Operating Theatre and equipment

Newborn Care Focus


Targeted outreach in the surrounding communities has increased the number of women accessing antenatal care at KHC. Since October 2022, staff have seen a rise in the number of women attending the WHO recommended 8 Antenatal appointments at KHC.  Renovation of a dedicated onsite space into a specific Antenatal Ward will further encourage women to attend all 8 appointments during pregnancy, as well as feel safe & secure, and offer a high level of care.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone who participated in The Mother Run, the renovations have been funded and construction is underway! We expect completion by the end of August.


Since the beginning of 2022, over 250 referrals were made from the KHC site to other clinics for emergency management. Most of these go to the referral hospital in Lira, which is often overcrowded and there is a wait time on arrival. For a mother in labour, in need of emergency help, this is a long 2+ hours of travel.

The construction of a theatre will allow the team at KHC to care for and handle emergency situations, including both obstetric and surgical emergencies. As a result, the team expect the number of deliveries to increase, and overall maternal and newborn mortality to decrease.


Through this transition, we expect the number of sick and premature newborns delivered onsite to increase. Currently, they are delivered and cared for at the referral site. The team at KHC need to be best prepared on how to care for these babies and mothers, which is a new skill set.

We are also looking at the implementation of a Newborn Care program to reduce both maternal mortality and neonatal, maternal and child morbidity rates. It will see a newborn care corner set up in the postnatal ward and include encouragement of Kangaroo mother care, skin-to-skin and breastfeeding support. VHTs will also be trained in caring for these patients as they return home, ensuring they continue to receive the care and support they deserve.

We’re looking forward to the journey ahead for KHC and are grateful for the support of our community and partners who stand alongside us and the communities of northern Uganda. Stay tuned as we take further steps closer to becoming a Level 4 clinic.

How can you help? If you, your workplace or someone you know is interested in supporting any of these initiatives, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our CEO Rebecca today.

You can also do something now:

Fund a midwife salary for one month ($250)

Fund medical supplies ($50)

Fund a senior clinician for one month (In Charge, Maternity officer, Sonographer $490)

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