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The impact of partnerships on healthcare in Otuke

Strategic and aligned partnerships are essential to the operation of a small organisation like ours, and we’re so grateful for our generous partners. Over the last few months, a few of our partners have made monumental contributions to the operations at KHC.

Shipping container of medical equipment

One of our previous partners, Water for Africa donated an entire shipping container of medical items and equipment to Kristina Health Centre on behalf of a hospital in Perth. A monumental effort was made by our teams in both Australia & Uganda to coordinate the smooth transportation to Kampala. From there, the container was transported to Lira and finally on to the remote area of Otuke, where KHC is located. A huge thank you to First Logistics in Caringbah for helping with international freight to a landlocked country.

Baby cots, humidicrib (incubator), hospital beds and more.
The container arriving at KHC on the truck.
Therapy toys and equipment, cots, assorted medical instruments and more.

All items will help us sprint toward our goal of becoming a Level 4 Clinic, complete with a surgical operating theatre. We hope to collaborate with other clinics in need of equipment like this and participate in knowledge sharing to further build upon patient, maternal and child health outcomes in Uganda.

Outreach schedule & new vehicle

Our US strategic partner AUCF has supplied a new outreach vehicle to the Kristina Health Centre, which will enable the team to increase outreach to 8 days each month, (or two per week), a significant increase from 2 per month.

Village Health Teams, like community nurses, are the arms and legs of KHC and have been mobilised and trained to follow up after a community accesses outreach. This ensures a smooth transition to care at KHC if required.

With the additional outreach days, the team are now able to expand the number of sub-counties reached, which will double the number of women and families accessing care. This will ultimately increase the total number of patients attending KHC, increasing the access to safe birth, and ultimately decreasing maternal and neonatal poor health outcomes.

New outreach vehicle!
The Village Health Team gathering for a briefing.
The new outreach vehicle from another angle.

There are communities a far distance from KHC that are unable to access health education or care. By increasing the number of outreach days and locations, the KHC team will bring access to health care to these remote communities, increasing health education and provide basic medical care to as many people as possible.

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