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1,000+ Birthing Kits for KHC!

Since February 2022 we have partnered with Birthing Kit Foundation Australia to distribute 1,021 birthing kits to pregnant women in the district of Otuke.

These birthing kits contain basic items needed when a woman goes into labour at home and she can’t reach the clinic, so she can still be supported with hygienic practices and environments during childbirth.

We’re so grateful that Birthing Kit Foundation Australia has granted us another shipment of 3,500 birthing kits to be distributed by KHC this year.

How are the birthing kits distributed?

The KHC team have implemented a system to ensure women receive the birthing kit close to their delivery date. Kits are only given to mothers in the 3rd trimester to reduce the time they spend with the birthing kit and consequently reducing the chances of damage.

Birthing kits are distributed during their 9th month of pregnancy when they visit the clinic for antenatal appointments or during outreach days when the team provide antenatal services in the surrounding communities.  At antenatal appointments, each woman meets with a midwife to have her health and the health of her growing baby checked. Any potential complications are assessed, plus education and information are provided about healthy pregnancy and birth, and then they are provided with a birthing kit to take home.

Pregnancy and birth education provided

Women are educated throughout their pregnancy about the importance of attending the clinic to deliver their baby and the risks that are mitigated by having a midwife or Senior Clinical Officer present. The education is also conducted at outreach posts, where women may be receiving these kits too. Often their support person joins these meetings and receives the proper education to empower and encourage the birthing mother.

A partnership like this is positively impacting the lives of mothers and babies in northern Uganda by empowering them with resources to experience safe birth, even when at home.

Together, we’re working towards a world in which all women and girls have access to a clean and safe birth.

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