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TONNES of Seeds

Every $30 invested in to Cents for Seeds is spent like this… Training, equipping, and empowering women with seeds to then go on to feed their families for an entire year. Here is a glimpse into exactly how…
1. Registration
Women who are the most in need in their village register with their local leaders
2. Workshops
Educational workshops teach the necessary skills for planting successful crops


3. Distribution 
When the rain arrives, our team starts weighing and handing out each loan in a central location






This year we are capturing more data than ever with each loan. Every woman is being issued with a photo ID


$30 includes the provision of a hand held gardening tool


To ensure that only one loan per person is taken, fingers are marked with ink





Once the seeds are all distributed, women then have monthly meetings with their coordinators and our agronomists conduct field visits to support their progress. In November when harvest time comes, loans are returned and yields average between 200-300kgs per person. The initial 30kg is repaid, and each women is free to sell, store, and use her harvest to feed her family.


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