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October 2021 Project update

Thank you to our community for you ongoing support. Read on below for the October project update.


Word is spreading in the community about the quality of services and care offered at KHC. Last month saw a total of 515 patients attend the medical centre. Some highlights:

  • 103 women accessed maternal care services

  • 18 Babies safely delivered, 5 of them preterm

  • Ambulance used 23 times

Do you remember the premmie twins born in August at Kristina Health Centre? We’re happy to share that they came back for their routine immunisations and have gained weight and are doing well! Their names are Opio and Ocen.

After months of hard work from our Senior Clinical Officer in Uganda, Kristina Health Centre has gained approval to dispense covid vaccines! All KHC staff are now vaccinated, and we are grateful that KHC finally has access to enough vaccines to begin outreach to the remote communities we work with.


13 wells were repaired in September, bringing safe, clean water to over 9,100 people!

On average our team repairs 10 wells each month.

We’re grateful to our community that we’ve been able to complete additional repairs the past few months.

But the work isn’t complete. There are hundreds of wells still to be repaired across the communities of northern Uganda, plus areas without access to a clean water source where new wells need to be drilled. Can you repair a well this month?


Each year our partners at Huber social conduct an independent social impact analysis by surveying Cents for Seeds participants in Uganda.

The 2021 survey has brought us some reassuring data-driven insights on the needs of women to help us continually build on the impact of the Cents for Seeds project. We know Cents for Seeds supports women to make substantial changes in their lives, but the report confirmed that despite an ongoing global crisis, women in Cents for Seeds have 6.8% higher wellbeing than women not participating in the project!

The measurement took place across seven parishes in three sub-counties – Akura, Olilim and Awake. ­The data also showed us that compared to 2020 data, in 2021 women feel:

  • +23% more connected to their land

  • +8% respect; able to make decisions in the home

  • 4.75/5 Self-love – Consistently across years and locations, women feel more love for self.

Read the report detail in our latest blog here.

The Agronomy team in Uganda are visiting and monitoring gardens to see firsthand the state of planting impacted by drought earlier this year. Women who planted in the first growing season of the year have sadly seen most of their soya bean crops fail.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and lack of rainfall, those who planted in the second growing season, or replanted new seeds, are seeing growth of simsim (sesame) with the rain increasing over the last few months.

If you’re able to support Cents for Seeds this month, a $30 donation will go towards ensuring the women who had failed crops due to drought will be able to join the project again next year.

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