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A Letter from Julius

Dear family and donors in Australia, 

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. Grace (my wife) and I together with the children are well. 

We are thankful that we are alive and that even in Australia our family, friends and supporters are doing ok. 

It is such a trying time globally, but we are trusting and depending on God to weather us through the storm. 

Here in Uganda, the situation for some (isolation) is not too bad. For others, it is worse as they have gone into lockdown with no food at all. They are daily earners and trying to work out the situation. 

According to the news, we are told domestic violence rates have gone up. This is devastating. 

The government is trying to help in all sectors: food distribution, agriculture, healthcare but the situation is quickly deteriorating. However we are all trying our best. 

In regard to health, private and public transportation is under lockdown. This is making it difficult for people to access government ambulances. For those who are terminally ill and need care, they have resorted to using wheelbarrows in some places. 

While the situation in Australia is not the same, we are all in some kind of lockdown. It is still hard. 

I am grateful that The Ministry of Environment have granted our Love Mercy water team passes to work. I have seen many communities that are desperate for clean water. This water will help to keep them safe. I am thanking you all for your support of the water project. So far 3 communities have had their wells repaired. This will be very important in protecting them against COVID-19. 

Once again, I want to appreciate your giving to Love Mercy. You have indeed made a difference to the people of Otuke and northern  Uganda.  

I hope to see you all again soon, either back in Australia, or if you are able to come to my village when all of this is over.

Julius Achon and Family 

If you would like to contribute to the emergency repair of wells that Julius mentioned in his letter, click the button below.

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