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Mother’s Day 2020

Maybe you are wondering what to get mum this year?

The gifts below will have an impact in northern Uganda on a Mother who is doing her best to provide for her family.

The gifts (except the book) are downloadable, so you can print them at home!

Downloadable Cents for Seeds Gift Card.

This card will provide a 30kg seed loan to a woman in northern Uganda. She will be educated on the best farm practices and supported through the growing process. From her harvest, she may receive 150 – 300kgs of seeds! All from just a 30kg loan. This harvest will be sold for income to pay for school fees and health care, swapped for other food or saved for food at home. Wth an average of 6 children in her care, she is able to provide the things they need.

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Downloadable Mother’s day Card.

The cost goes toward a birthing kit at the Kristina Health Centre in northern Uganda.

This includes equipment, medicines and approximate midwife wage for each delivery.

Midwife’s Wages Gift Card.

There are currently five midwife’s employed full time at the Kristina Health Centre.

The midwives look after all antenatal and postnatal appointments as well as deliveries. They see an average of 30 babies born per month at the remote clinic.

This gift card will cover 1 Midwife’s Wage for a month.


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Medical Staff

$400.00Read more

Medical Staff Gift Card.

Your generous gift will provide our senior medical staff with wages for a month. With your support, we can continue to treat over 500 patients a month that live in a remote area and may not have access to medical care.

1 Senior Clinical Officer oversees the Maternity Ward practices and ensures that the midwives and expectant mothers have everything they need.

1 Senior Clinical Officer oversees the day to day operation of the clinic and treats patients.

You can print this gift card at home.

Some of the Mumma's & babies we have met over the years

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