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On Sunday July 24th I’m running the Sutherland to Surf for Love Mercy so that we can help build a […]
On Sunday July 24th I’m running the Sutherland to Surf for Love Mercy so that we can help build a medical clinic in war torn Northern Uganda. The pictures of the plans for this clinic are in the post below.

The clinic will be built in the Otuke county and every day, people in this region suffer, and in some cases, die needlessly because they don’t have access to routine, preventative health care or emergency medical attention.

With our clinic, we want to restore dignity and life-saving care after more than 20 years of war.

Our clinic will provide primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education.

Do you want to help out? There are 2 ways you can help!

1. Sponsor someone you know who is running the race, and help them reach their target. Click here to donate to Eloise or Myself. 
 2. RUN THE EVENT! That way you can gain sponsorship for yourself! To do so, follow these three easy steps:

Race: Sunday July 24th

Step 1: Follow this link to register and start gaining sponsorship!https://www.lovemercyfoundation.org/Register.aspx

Step 2: After registering on the Love Mercy website, you will receive an email that you copy and paste to all of your email contacts asking them to sponsor you. All they have to do to sponsor you is click on the link in the email you send and this will take them straight to your profile page on the love mercy site.

Step 3: Enter for the race at www.sutherland2surf.com.au

Free t-shirt at the start and celebration breakfast at the finish for everyone who runs for Love Mercy ♥

PLUS- Feeling like you might not be fit enough to run the event, or even walk it? 

When: Every Saturday starting Saturday the 25th June

Cost: $60 BUT if you come to ALL four saturday sessions we will give you your money back! If you miss a session, the $60 will be donated to the Love Mercy Foundation! THAT’S INCENTIVE!

Session Details:
Saturday 25th June- 7am meet at Audley Lady Carrington Drive
Saturday 2nd July- 6.30am meet at Greenhills, Cronulla
Saturday 9th July – 7am meet at Waratah Oval, (oval next to sutherland leisure centre) Sutherland
Saturday 16th July- 7am meet at Audley wier carpark (bottom of Audley hill, on left before crossing bridge


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