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The Impact Report – Huber Social X Love Mercy Foundation

What is ‘The Impact Report’? In short, a measurement of the wellbeing of women in our Cents for Seeds program. […]

What is ‘The Impact Report’?

In short, a measurement of the wellbeing of women in our Cents for Seeds program.

Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds in remote villages in Northern Uganda for the last 7 years. On each of our trips, we could see the progression and improvement of communities in a tangible way – families in the program had more food, they seemed happier, but how could we say for sure?

We decided to measure it.

Huber Social create a benchmark for organisations to track their impact, using a social value metric framework based on wellbeing. The goal? A measurement of ‘Collective Wellbeing’ that will position every person to achieve their potential.

Georgie from Huber joined us on our trip in November, and ran a pilot survey among a small group of women. This was to test questions for relevance and validity, as well as ensure confidence in the measurement system. Then, in February, Huber and Love Mercy returned to survey a large population of women. 1,200 in fact.

Why does this matter? Why does it help?

Well, we wanted to know that the program is working. TICK. It is.

It has also allowed us to understand where the gap is, where we need to focus our time and effort, and of course, your donations.

Cents for Seeds is impacting wellbeing positively, and in a significant way. Women feel empowered, like they can provide for their family, and feel safe. These results have got us in tears.

Lives are changed!
Major outcomes of our Impact Report

You can read the full report here.
1. Levels of wellbeing are frighteningly low for individuals not in Cents for Seeds.
2. Access to water has the most significant impact on wellbeing, apart from Cents for Seeds.

We have resolved to act. To get as many women in the Cents for Seeds program as we can, and to improve access to water.

20,000 women by 2020

This June, for the 3rd year in a row, Syngenta have partnered with us to match DOLLAR for DOLLAR everything you give up to $15,000.


We can have DOUBLE the impact. Reach DOUBLE the women.

$1,000 will be turned to $2,000, 2,000 tonne of seeds, and we can reach 66 women instead of 33.

Give now via our website and be part of the impact.

Follow us on Instagram @lovemercyfoundation and Facebook Love Mercy Foundation, toย  keep up to date with what we are doing on the ground in Uganda.

Regular Donations –ย 
Our regular donors are the movers, they are the shakers, they are the Change Makers. They are the ones without whom we could not do this. Loyal and supportive, believing in what Love Mercy stands for. It is from our regular donors we have security, knowing that there will definitely be impact in Uganda that month.

Join our Change Makers team. Just $30 a month will put a woman into the Cents for Seeds project. $30 and her life and her children’s will change. Just $30 a month for 1 year and 12 women will be impacted. With an average birth rate of 6, that is a huge 72 individuals that you are impacting each year. Lives are changing, and you can be part of the impact.

Read about our Water Campaign here.


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