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50 hours has changed 3,000 lives

Over the weekend of 9th to 11th September, our friend Scotty Orchard completed a phenomenal feat – running and walking a continuous 50 hours around The Tan in Melbourne, for his 50th birthday.

That’s 50 hours, 71 laps of The Tan, over 270 kilometres, and 135,000 steps!

What he accomplished physically, and in fundraising over $29,000 so far, will impact at least 3 different communities of 1,000 people each in northern Uganda, and continue on for generations to come.

Here is some context for you about Scotty’s effort to bring clean water to communities in Uganda.

  • 4 devastating seasons of drought have left communities in Eastern Africa struggling to access water. Children are at the highest risk – with the risk of death increasing exponentially when water is not available.
  • 8 million Ugandans lack access to a safe drinking source. This number is on the rise, due to ongoing drought and increased cost of living, making even those who live in urban areas struggle to access bottled water.
  • Thousands of wells across Africa have been installed but not maintained, causing them to break down and cease operation. Communities are forced to walk even further to access water – and the source may not even be clean.

We are out to fight against this reality so many people face.

By restoring & repairing as many wells as possible, and drilling & maintaining new wells, thousands of people will be able to access safe, clean drinking water. An important marker of wellbeing, and a basic human right. 

Through Scotty’s incredible achievement, he has now funded the drilling of 3 new wells in Uganda.

  • THREE communities that can reduce the amount of time walking to collect water, and can spend on other essential activities – like school, and farming.
  • THREE communities with safe, clean water, reducing the risk of death as a result of waterborne illnesses.
  • Over THREE thousand individuals can drink & use water safely, as they so rightly deserve.

A challenge like this is not something many can do. Scotty persevered and maintained his determination.

We found it incredibly moving to see and experience the love and support he had surrounding him from his family and so many friends who stayed with him and stopped by over the course of the weekend to run and walk laps, bring him food and offer words of encouragement with warm hugs.
We are so grateful to know such an incredible human!

Congratulations Scotty!

Learn more about our well drilling project, Well Worth It.

Learn more about the need for clean water in communities of northern Uganda – watch our Well Worth It video here.

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