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Love Mercy X Water for Africa – We are building wells!

Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds for the last 7 years in remote villages in Northern Uganda. […]
Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds for the last 7 years in remote villages in Northern Uganda. On each of our trips, we could see the progression and improvement of our villages in a tangible way – the women and families had more food, they seemed happier, but we couldn’t say for sure.
We did some pretty significant research in February to try to confirm what we had hoped- that Cents for Seeds was working. You can read the full report here BUT one of the key findings was that access to water has the highest correlation with levels of wellbeing in the communities studied in Northern Uganda. People who have to walk 10km or more (up to 3 times per day) have lower levels of Wellbeing. Which seems sort of obvious, but this means that, no matter how well the Cents for Seeds program is going, unless the community has access to clean, safe drinking water, the levels of wellbeing will not reach the highest point they could.

Enter…. Water for Africa.

Water for Africa currently operates in Tanzania. It began in 2013 when Phil Hepworth had a life changing moment – he realised the prevalence of water borne disease in Africa and in particular, noted it’s impact on children.
He wanted to make a change.
Water for Africa works like so:
         1. Installation of Wells – provides clean drinking water to communities
         2. In country repair and maintenance team – ensures the wells are back up and running in the shortest period of time if there is a malfunction
Like all great processes, we had a problem, we found a solution, now we need to take steps to get there.

Enter…. YOU! 

We need you to help us build WELLS!!
Partnering with Water for Africa, we are aiming to build and restore 12 wells this year to remote communities in Northern Uganda.
1 well can impact a community of anywhere from 500 – 1000 people.
It costs just $7,000 to drill a bore hole to build the well that saves the community.
$7,000 for lives to change
If you are up for a challenge, are an avid runner, enjoy walking or spending time with your friends and family, sign up as a group to our WELL WORTH IT page. Your goal? BUILD A WELL!
As a team, fundraise to build a well in Northern Uganda. We will even put a plaque with your groups name on the well!
We believe in you just as much as you believe in us (if not more!)
We couldn’t do this without you!
Love Mercy

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