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A deeper look at our 2023 goals

2022 was a year of growth and learning for both our teams in Australia and Uganda. We are excited to build upon this in 2023, with a focus on existing strengths, and to implement a few programmatic changes to deepen the impact of our work.

Together with our team in Uganda, it is my pleasure to share with you our priorities & goals for 2023.

2023 Goals

1,500 new households: Our Cents for Seeds project manager, Florence works closely with the team and to determine the most pressing need. The new women joining this year are from Otuke West, Otuke East, Alebtong and Lira. These 1,500 new women in 2023 also help us work toward our goal of 30,000 households by 2025.

1,500 graduating: After being on hold due to Covid-19, graduations have returned for 2023. Women from these graduating villages have been participating in Cents for Seeds for over 7 years, and have worked hard in their gardens through successful and unsuccessful harvests. They are at now a point this year where their gardens are sustainable – they can replant seeds from their own harvests, and generate an income from those seeds on their own. Some of these women will move into income-generating groups this year.







500 new women in IGA groups: the new income-generating groups will consist of women who have graduated from Cents for Seeds and are independently farming, but are looking for an additional source of income. This can help in times of drought or smaller harvest seasons, enabling women to secure economic independence and financial security, alongside food security. In groups of approximately 40, the women pair up and start small businesses like raising chickens, goats, or farming and selling other produce. Profits from these ventures go back into their Village Savings and Loans Association and benefit the whole group. Read more about IGAs here.

Build the capacity of KHC: This year we are working to expand services at KHC as we work toward the goal of building a level Level 4 Clinic in Otuke. We hope to transition the ultrasound technician on staff to full-time to meet the increased need and engage a dentist to restart dental services, as well as focus on outreach and health education in more remote villages. We are also hoping to purchase a new ultrasound machine that has permanent residency at KHC and can handle the increasing patient load.

Strengthen local partnerships for KHC: During the 10-year anniversary at Kristina Health Centre last year, our team worked successfully with the local blood bank and family planning services to attend and meet with the community on the day at KHC. This year, we hope to build on these relationships and begin new ones that will elevate the offering of KHC.

20 new wells: This year our Well Worth It program goal is to drill 20 new wells in villages that are most in need of clean water. The local team compiles this list of villages each year based on the communities that are most in need across 3 districts. This year, we are directing focus to Cents for Seeds villages in greatest need. The team are also hoping to install two solar bore pumps, which provide clean water to three times as many people as a regular well.

Develop well repair team and program: Further development of the well repair team to ensure repairs are completed on existing wells, and new wells recently drilled are maintained by the community. It will also expand to offer water hygiene education services, and training with communities on the service and maintenance of wells to ensure longevity and access.

Climate resilience strategy: This year we are committed to further developing our climate resilience strategy. This has already begun with the Cents for Seeds team researching and testing multiple seed types that are the most resistant to drought in different districts of the north. Investigation into agroforestry, and lowering carbon footprint has begun, with the hope to provide tree seedlings to all Cents for Seeds farms in the future, for soil regeneration, water retention, wind protection and shade.

We are proud to be a locally led organisation, with our team working closely with the communtiies we operate in to deeply understand the successess and challenges of our projects.

We are excited and determined, and have drawn on a new found passion as the year begins. The communities we are standing alongside in northern Uganda had a plentiful second season of sesame, and so we are celebrating their harvest after an incredibly hard few years. I can’t wait to share with you some stories from the field as the year progresses.


Did something jump out at you? If you have any questions, send us an email here to find out more.

Drill a new well $8,000

Install a Solar powered Bore Hole incl a new well $11,000

Cents for Seeds loan $30

Kristina Health Centre midwife wages $250

We’re so grateful for the generosity of our community and partners. This allows us to increase the impact of the Cents for Seeds project to reach more communities in northern Uganda, building rural women’s resilience, creating sustainable food sources and income generation, with the ultimate goal of ending persistent poverty.


If you would like to join us on this journey monthly, it takes just 2 minutes to join The Village by giving monthly. We are hoping to see 50 new monthly donors come on board this year and be part of lasting & sustainable change.

Since 2010, members of The Village have been ensuring our work can continue month in and month out. We are so grateful for every single one of our donors, and wouldn’t be able achieve the impact that has been had without our community.


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