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Repair a Well Gift Card

Repair a Well Gift Card

Across northern Uganda, many boreholes have been installed but have failed due to lack of maintenance. Repairing one of these wells will restore water to a community that is desperately in need.

Our Impact Report in 2018 showed that women in remote northern Uganda walk up to 10kms just to collect water. Often, when they get to the water source it isn’t even clean. Waterborne disease and illness are high, and communities suffer the impact of an undrinkable water source daily.

The provision of clean water allows children to stay in school and complete their education, not being required to walk many kilometres every single day. It allows for women and mothers to tend to their crop, empowering them to provide food for their family.

Water is also a source of life and hope. It changes lives.

Your gift of repairing a water well can impact anywhere from 150 – 500 households, with an average of 8 people per household.

Local staff on the ground install, service and maintain the wells you provide.

Give the gift of life-saving clean water today.

When you purchase this gift for a loved one, you are making a huge impact in northern Uganda on their behalf.

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