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“How I wish the KHC was there during my first pregnancy.”

We love receiving regular updates from the team in Uganda. This is when we get to hear about the life-changing stories of women and families in the surrounding communities who are accessing healthcare at Kristina Health Centre.

When Daniel, the Senior Clinical officer at KHC, has the opportunity to talk to mothers after delivering their babies at KHC, he shares their stories with us, with their permission of course. He recently had a chat with a mum who delivered at the clinic late last year when she arrived on a Wednesday with her baby girl for 6 monthly vaccinations.

Meet Adongo Susan

She has 3 children, and lives approximately 6kms from Kristina Health Centre in a village called Oyuo. Devastatingly, Susan’s story contains loss.

13 years ago Susan was pregnant with her first baby.

“I started to experience labour pain at midday. We had no money to transport us to the nearest health centre in Orum.

I was already weak, and had started bleeding. We managed to find our way to the health centre 6 hours after the onset of labour.

I wasn’t able to attend a single antenatal appointment because it was just too far away. When I arrived, the midwife examined me, and told me my baby had passed away. My life was nearly claimed too”.

During Susan’s recent pregnancy, she attended 5 antenatal appointments at the KHC.

“I started to feel labour pains at 9pm. My husband was able to take me to KHC one hour later. We were received by the nurse on duty. I successfully delivered a bouncing baby girl and her name is Akullo Sincere Mailla.

How I wish the KHC was there during my first pregnancy. I would have my 4 children now“.

Susan said afterward that there is a breath of fresh air with the Kristina Health Centre bringing maternal and child health services closer to her community. She hopes to add one more baby to her family safely.

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