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Safe Birth of Twins at KHC

Good news from Kristina Health Centre!

Premature twins were safely delivered at Kristina Health Centre! We know that premature twin births can pose several complications, but thankfully the experience of the KHC medical team and the Humidicrib helped bring two new healthy baby boys home recently. Read about the mother’s journey with our KHC medical team.

On Arrival –

The mum arrived by Boda (motorbike) in labour at 3 am on Tuesday 17 August. On arrival, she had no idea she was having twins, until a fetal check revealed two heartbeats!

The babies were delivered at 1.55 pm that afternoon by Barbrah, one of the new midwives to join the KHC team. Both Daniel, the Clinical officer in-charge and the new maternity clinical officer were supporting. A neonatal specialist from Uganda helped remotely with pain relief and progression.

Mother and baby with humidicrib
Mother and babies are doing well!

The Humidicrib was used and the respiratory rate of both twins returned to normal, allowing the temperature to be reduced in the crib. The mother and babies remained at KHC for monitoring until it was determined that the babies could be removed from the Humidicrib, and the twins showed progress and weight gain.

Humidicrib details

On Discharge:

After spending 1 week in the ward, there was such happiness amongst the team at KHC as both mum and premature twins were deemed healthy enough for discharge on 23rd August.

Thanks to the team of five technical staff who were directly involved and thanks to everyone here for supporting this very dedicated cause.

KHC midwives with twins

A thank you from the mother,

“I can’t thank you enough team, you did everything all with a passion to save life. I’m happy I’m able to go home with my children alive. The last time this happened to one of my relatives, the neonates died in less than hours and I was already afraid when I had the news, but you have restored hope, I’m so grateful.

Please send my sincere thanks to Julius Achon for bringing this special service closer.”

Generally, the follow-up appointment would be at six weeks, however, due to the low premature birth weight, they will return to KHC after one week for a check-up.

All of this is made possible thanks to the generous donations to Kristina Health Centre. A special thanks goes to the fundraisers and supporters of the Mother Run 2020 and 2021 – raising funds for safe births and the purchase of the Humidicrib at KHC.

You can help support safe births like this at Kristina Health Centre, click here to give.

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