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Through our annual reports, we aim to share with you the performance of Love Mercy year on year including goals for the year ahead.

We strive to remain transparent and accountable in our operations both in Uganda and Australia.

Our team are incredibly proud of the achievements we’ve made over the years. We attribute this to not only a determined and hard working team and board, but also the ongoing support of our generous community.

At the end of June 2020, we switched to a calendar year reporting period. The below report is for the 6months (July ’20 – Dec ’20) between the end of FY reporting and beginning of Calendar year reporting.


Love Mercy Foundation has been operating Cents for Seeds in remote villages in northern Uganda for the last 7 years. On each of our trips, we could see the progression and improvement of communities in a tangible way – families in the program had more food, they seemed happier. How could we know for sure?

We decided to measure it. 

Huber Social create a benchmark for organisations to track their impact using a social value metric framework based on wellbeing. What?! The surveys and process results in a measurement of ‘collective wellbeing’ that will position every person to achieve their potential.




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