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Recovery Tips from Eloise Wellings

Hey guys, Elzy here!

Below are 5 tips for recovery as we continue THE MOTHER RUN!


1. Get a good night’s sleep!

Sleep enhances muscle recovery so if you’re feeling a little sore, it’s VERY important that you make sure you get lots of sleep. Physical recovery actually occurs when you enter the deep sleep phase, so be sure to get plenty of hours.


2. Pre and post run stretching is important.

Try using a foam roller to roll out your calves and hamstrings before a run. Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and improve flexibility and range of motion


3. Magnesium Chelate tablets can help your muscles to recover 

When we run, we lose magnesium in our sweat. A lack of magnesium can often lead to muscle cramps so be sure to take some tablets and give your body the best chance of recovering!


4. Caffeine has been proven to improve physical performance.

Consider trying Revvies Energy Strips for a fast, effective and convenient source of caffeine!


5. Ice baths are hard but worth it.

At this time of year the ocean is a great option for an ice bath to help sore legs recover. 


Keep going, you got this!


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