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Meet… Rebecca and Maxwell

Immunisation day at Kristina is the best day! Every Wednesdsay, Mummas come from all over to receive the free vaccination for their little ones.

Meet Rebecca and Maxwell!

She is 20 years old from Alangi. She had her antenatals & delivered Maxwell, her first born, at Orum Health Centre.

When asked why she came to KHC for immunisations, she said she heard…

“It is great here. The staff are kind and welcoming and they start seeing patients as soon as they arrive, so the wait time isn’t too bad”.

Soon after, she said she had walked 8 kilometres that morning to get to KHC. Thankfully, one of her friends wanted to join her on the walk.

The KHC is reaching families all around Awake village!

To support Mothers and their Bubs in Northern Uganda, our dream is to build a Maternity Ward! The ward will be better prepared to care for Mothers and special cases, also freeing up the KHC main patient ward to take care of other patients.

Supporting the Maternity Ward – as simple as a $50 Birthing Kit

In Uganda, 15 women die per day as a result of complications in childbirth.

This gift is providing midwives at the Kristina Health Centre in rural northern Uganda with a birthing kit. The kit has the resources to deliver 1 baby safely including, medications and equipment. It will enable midwives to deliver babies safely in a remote part of the world with all the resources that they need so the babies have the very best chance at life from the beginning. With an average of 30 babies born per month at the clinic, your gift will continue to support safe births.

CEO Caitlin Barrett and Fundraising Manager Rebecca Stanley visited the KHC on a very busy day where 2 labouring Mothers had two very different experiences. Watch that story below.

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