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$8,000 Gift Card – Build a Well in Akai Debe, Otuke Town Council

$8,000 Gift Card – Build a Well in Akai Debe, Otuke Town Council

Women & children walk anywhere from 5-10kms 3 times per day to get to school. Often, when they get to the water source it isn’t even clean. Water borne disease and illness is high, and communities suffer the impact of an undrinkable water source daily.

The provision of clean water allows children to stay in school and complete their education, not being required to walk for kilometres every single day. It allows for women and mothers to tend to their crop, empowering them to provide food for their family.

Water is also a source of life and hope. It changes lives.

Your gift of building a new water well can impact a community of up to 1,000 people. We are partnered with Water for Africa who engage local staff on the ground to install, service and maintain the wells you provide, meaning downtime for repair is minimal.

Give the gift of life saving clean water today.

Wells are drilled in groups throughout the year, once you’ve funded a well, our team will be in touch to explain what happens next and when you can expect a project report.

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