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$5000 Clinic Operations – Gift Card

$5000 Clinic Operations – Gift Card

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The Kristina Health Centre services a population of around 300,000 people in remote northern Uganda. We have just received word that the number of patients being seen per month is above the expected amount for the catchment! This is great news – it means that word is getting around to communities that KHC offers the health care they need.

The clinic employs 25 full time staff. This includes midwives, nurses, Clinical Officers, lab technicians and many more. They see an average of 500 patients per month!

In order for the clinic to function as it does, it costs around $5,000 Australian Dollars to continue month to month. Why not forego the family Secret Santa this year and give a gift that will change 500 lives!

When you purchase this gift for a loved one, you are making a huge impact in northern Uganda on behalf of them. You will receive:

1 x Clinic Operations Gift Card

1 x Thankyou Card

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