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Meet… Semi

Meet Semi!

She is 35 years old and is a widow with 5 children. Cents for Seeds has helped her sell her crops to pay for things that her household needs, like soap, school fees, and other foods. As a mother, this project has helped Semi because in the past she didn’t have any knowledge about agricultural practices. Now she passes this valuable knowledge onto her children because they help her in the garden!

“As a widow, the project is helping me to take care of my children in terms of feeding and clothing them but it has also provided me with community. I have made many new friends through the project (even you!)” 

“Please send my greetings and my word of thanks to all the supporters. You should not get tired of us women, even though sometimes, there are hardships. Please keep us in your prayers.”

To learn more about Cents for Seeds and the impact it has for women across Northern Uganda, watch the following video!

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