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Meet Jennifer!

Her story is a little bit different to the ones we usually bring you but it’s an incredibly important story to share around the variables of Cents for SeedsThe real success of Cents for Seeds as an agricultural project remains with the diligence and hard work of the farmers. Since farming is highly subject to the weather, and with a continually changing climate, it can be unpredictable. Something we know all too well in Australia. 

In 2019, Jennifer fractured her shoulder after being charged by one of her young cows. Unfortunately, this injury prevented her from taking care of her crops. It was in this year that Northern Uganda experienced a devastating drought. Normally, 90% women in the Cents for Seeds project are able to return a seed loan after harvest, in 2019, this number was only 25%. 70,000kgs of crops were lost because of drought, and although we have risk management processes in place, ultimately with such little rain, it was inevitable. 

They had high hopes for the second season after the drought they experienced in the season prior. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, bringing too much rain that flooded many fields. She is an incredibly resilient woman, saying that she will continue to push through and work hard. Jolly, our team’s VSLA trainer, said that she’s known Jennifer to be one of the hardest working women in the village.

In March 2020, Fundraising Manager, Bec got to meet Jennifer. As a group leader for her village, Aminocera, she was at her village’s seed distribution day handing out seeds to women. Bending, scooping and filling seed bags for 3 hours – after having a shoulder injury the year prior, this is incredible. 

Our monthly giving community gives Jennifer the opportunity of lifting herself out of poverty, ultimately it’s up to the individual whether how hard they work and we could all agree Jennifer absolutely meets that bar. Farming is hard work, especially with unpredictable weather. To remain resilient, hopeful and dedicated is incredibly impressive, no matter what part of the world you’re from. 

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