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Meet Okello Felensta!

Meet Okello Felensta!

This is the story of how she came into the world.

Her mother, Abeja Paska is 26 years old and has had 4 children prior to Okello Felensta. Her father is Ating.

Okello Felensta’s Mumma had had her antenatal appointment at the Kristina Health Centre and decided to deliver there because…

“It’s good here, it’s clean and the midwives are good.”

Travelling by motorcycle to the clinic, which cost her 6,000 Ugandan Shillings (or $2.50 AUD), Abeja Paska arrived in labour and ready to meet her new Bubba.

At 7am, when Mumma was 6cm dilated, the Kristina Health Centre midwife Dreka (pictured below) arrived to help moving things along.

And then, at 10:50am, Okello Felensta finally arrived! Both Mum and Bub were happy and healthy and due to go home after 24 hours observation at the KHC.

This story is just one of hundreds at the KHC, Mummas and their newborns being given great care and support through one of the biggest moments in both their lives. This wouldn’t be available without the support of our incredible donors.

Supporting the KHC – as simple as a $50 Birthing Kit

In Uganda, 15 women die per day as a result of complications in childbirth.

This gift is providing midwives at the Kristina Health Centre in rural northern Uganda with a birthing kit. The kit has the resources to deliver 1 baby safely including, medications and equipment. It will enable midwives to deliver babies safely in a remote part of the world with all the resources that they need so the babies have the very best chance at life from the beginning. With an average of 30 babies born per month at the clinic, your gift will continue to support safe births.

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