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Meet… Erin O Pacha

Meet Erin!

She lives in in Barr Village in Northern Uganda. At just 58 years old she’s lived several lives in 1. Living through a civil war, delivering 12 children and losing 2 (a set of twins) at a young age. Joining Cents for Seeds in 2014 gave Erin and opportunity to support her family and empower herself. 

Her yields over the years have been good, and she’s been able to go on to accomplish so much! Dividing her yields, she’s been able to…

  • Pay school fees for all her children (this was her priority!)
  • Keep some for food to feed her family
  • Save some for health care and medication 
  • Ensuring she has what she needs in her home
  • Buying hens, multiplying them, exchanging them for goats and then exchanging them for cows. From here, she can sell their milk. 
  • She was given the opportunity to try selling clothes 
  • Help her daughter to become a tailor!

Her family are incredibly happy with the outcomes that have come about because of her participation in Cents for Seeds and hard work. 


“All of these are as a result of Love Mercy in existence. My family are happy with our results!” 

Barr graduates completing the 2020 Wellbeing Survey

Being from Barr, the first village to graduate from Cents for Seeds, we know that Erin will have left the program “spiritual, social, financially savvy with a high level of self respect” (according to the 2020 Impact Report). They have an increased ability to take care of their children, an improvement in their physical health and a more peaceful home environment.

To learn more about Cents for Seeds and the impact it has for women across Northern Uganda, watch the following video!

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