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Meet… Colleen

Meet Colleen!

Colleen’s story is one of resilience and hard work. She is an incredible example of just how far your $30 Cents for Seeds gift can go, and just how many people it can reach. 

Her husband died during the war, leaving her a widow for now 14 years (2006), leaving her to raise their 6 sons alone. One of her sons had just had a baby when we spoke to her and he was also planning on getting married. 

From her initial 30kg seed loan in 2019, she harvested 4 sacks of soya beans, that’s 400kgs! Some of this she replanted because they had good rain, she also purchased an ox-plow, a cow, some goats and kept another amount for food. She was able to make an income of 400,000 shillings (roughly $151.50 AUD). This is an INCREDIBLE outcome from a simple $30 gift

With her income, she’ll help pay for her son’s wedding and ensure that all of her sons receives some land when they marry. This is her gift to her boys to help them build their own home with their new families and to get started with farming. 

Her crop, and future crops, will let her help support her son in providing for his new baby. 

“I’m excited for the future!” 

Colleen, 2019

Colleen is from Okwang county within the district of Otuke which you can see on the map below! 




To learn more about Cents for Seeds and the impact it has for women across Northern Uganda, watch the following video!

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