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July 2021 Project Update

Cents for Seeds 

In June, our generous and supportive community from across the world gave to ensure all women would receive their seed loans safely. Thanks to you, this was possible, and all loans were distributed! The Cents for Seeds staff are now working from home, and starting remote monitoring of gardens with leaders & coordinators. The rain has arrived and is looking promising for the sesame season ahead.

The first collection of seeds from the March distribution has been done, with a huge 1,337kgs returned! It’s the first year in the project for the village of Okwalamara Parish in Ogur sub-county, and they are eager to see their crops grow well. These 1,337Kgs represent 127 women & their households who have worked hard in their private garden for the better half of this year, through rain and sun to give their crop the best chance of success.

Kristina Health Centre

Our team have been working overtime to ensure everything at the clinic is done to the highest & safest standard possible. At the start of July, KHC received confirmation to begin Covid-19 testing in the district of Otuke. So far 3 positive cases have been identified of 28 tests. In the month of June, despite challenges, 53 mums were able to access maternal care services. In addition to this, 11 babies were safely delivered at the clinic!

The successful installation & training of a CBC machine at the beginning of June will likely see an increase in patient numbers from across the district. The clinic team are focused on continuing to improve the quality of care at KHC, and the use of CBC analyzer will help make this happen.

Well Worth It

Handwashing is the first form of defense against Covid-19. Access to safe, clean water is essential to make this happen, so our water team has been working hard. In June and July, 8 wells have been drilled in communities desperately in need of clean water, and 21 wells repaired! Thanks to our community who have made this possible. Access to clean water is a basic human right, and together with Water for Africa, our team on the ground are making this a reality.

‘Olympian for Life’ 

Co-founder, dual Olympian, Humanitarian and our dear friend Julius Achon is being inducted into the ‘Olympians for Life’ family this August.
At each edition of the games, 5 Olympians are inducted into the group. Olympians chosen for this are those who have drawn on their Olympic experience to make the world a better place. Julius grew up in a remote village in northern Uganda, and had to run to save his life. His achievement’s to date are remarkable, this included.

You can read the full story here https://kawowo.com/2021/07/16/ugandas-acon-to-be-inducted-into-the-olympians-for-life-family/

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