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Improving Wellbeing through Cents for Seeds

Staying accountable to the women in Cents for Seeds is paramount for us. While we celebrate their hard work, we conduct a survey to measure the lived experiences of the women. Insights track overall progress and ensure we are informed on the changing needs of the women and communities to strengthen the program over time.

Our annual impact report has revealed that Cents for Seeds is doing more than providing women in northern Uganda with seeds to increase food security and provide a source of income – it is also improving their overall wellbeing.

As part of the Cents for Seeds project, women receive seeds for planting, a farming tool, and agronomy training that enables them to grow the seeds and provide both food and money for their families.

Women are also learning more about themselves and the land around them throughout the project. As compared to women not in Cents for Seeds, the women who are part of the project experienced a 12% increase in feeling connected to the land and a 10% in increase in feeling connected to others.

According to last year’s Social Impact Report, there was not only an increase in women feeling connected to others, but also in feeling like a part of their community. This reflects the community-oriented nature of the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) that act as a community bank, and accompany the Cents for Seeds project. As part of a VSLA, the women work together to learn about the value of saving, borrowing and interest so they can borrow money to help plough a field or buy livestock, and over time achieve increased financial security.

Through this increased financial security, women can improve not only their own wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of their families. There was a 7% increase for women in the project being able to support their children to have a good life when compared with women not in the program.

In addition to being able to financially provide for their families, the women in Cents for Seeds also have increased access to medical care. Last year’s Social Impact Report indicated a 12% increase in access to nearby medical care, and the income generated from the women’s seeds allows them to pay for the healthcare they need.

By generating food and income, these women also gain respect from their families and other members of their community. Overall women in Cents for Seeds were 8% more likely to have the ability to make decisions in their homes than those not in the program.

Self-love was the strongest predictor of wellbeing in the 2021 survey, and it was the highest-rated outcome! This indicates that this very important need is being met – “I love who I am”, a remarkable outcome in any corner of the world.

Seed distribution is well underway this month and some villages still need funding.

Just $30 provides 30kg of seeds to help a woman improve her own wellbeing and the wellbeing of her family.

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