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#GivingTuesday – Give so that it overflows

#GivingTuesday – Give so that it overflows

#givingtuesday originated in the US in 2012. It’s timing after thanksgiving anticipates the season ahead, prompting individuals to think about ways they can give back. Thanksgiving prompts thoughts on thanks, #givingtuesday prompts action.

It empowers people to give generously to something that stirs their heart, something they are passionate about – a cause that they can champion.

Since first starting in 2012, where the total raised was $12million, #givingtuesday has grown to become an international movement. In 2017, over $300million was raised by 95 countries. 95 countries recognizing need, reaching out and acting upon causes that are close to their hearts.

This year, we are joining the movement.

We called our #givingtuesday campaign ‘Generous – give so that it overflows’

Generosity is something that has an impact on the giver and the receiver in immeasurable ways, often lasting a lifetime.

Really though, this is a tribute to our donors past and present, and our ladies and donation recipients in Uganda.

See, the generosity of supporters of Love Mercy doesn’t end with their donation, or time. It really just begins.

Their generosity will reach a tiny village in Uganda, located in the north, somewhere around here.

It will take the form of a loan of seeds, or a birthing kit, or a midwives salary or clean water. It is humbly, graciously and excitedly received by open hands that will not close, but remain open.

Our friends in Uganda are generous. They may have little, they may not have enough, but their hand to their community and family remains open. They support each other in time, encourage each other and providing a hand when it is needed. I am sure the saying “It takes a village” comes from here, where side by side they stand together.

So really, generosity is like riverbed and rain. It rains (your generosity), is received by the river (our friends in Uganda) and overflows on the riverbed or further down into a basin (their community).

It rains, soaking into the riverbed ground, filling the space that has waited to be filled and turns into a river. The river fills and flows and spills onto the land, offers itself as a watering hole for the animals, then travels down its pathway to overflow some more.

We know that your giving overflows in Uganda – we have seen it with our own eyes.

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