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Fundraising tips for halfway through your challenge!

As we enter the second half of May, and our 2021 Mother Run challenge, we know fundraising can sometimes be […]

As we enter the second half of May, and our 2021 Mother Run challenge, we know fundraising can sometimes be a bit daunting as you may find yourself coming across some new speed humps…

As we enter the second half of the month, it is going to get harder to get out there everyday…

Did you know, if every fundraiser reaches their goal, you will raise over $30,000 to provide safe births in northern Uganda?! That will sustain safe births for 1 year!

That is an incredible achievement to be part of, so let’s go!

Here are some tips for how to keep those donations coming in and pushing towards your fundraising target!


Have you been sharing YOUR “why”

Chances are you’ve shared the background of the Mother Run and how funds raised go towards funding safe births in northern Uganda, but have you shared why you personally are taking on the challenge! Connecting your “why” to the challenge itself an be a great way of encouraging your people to donate to your personal goal.


Share meaningful stories that help people understand the extent of the impact you’re making

The Love Mercy blog features a selection of stories from women who have visited the Kristina Health Centre and their stories are POWERFUL to share! Share the link to these blogs or maybe your favourite excerpt on your communication channel of choice. We have also uploaded a bunch of resources to the Campaign page here: https://the-mother-run-2021.raisely.com/resources OR Scroll through our Instagram or Facebook which is also full of stories and impact from the KHC. The testimonials and images shared have been collected from our friends in Uganda with informed consent, meaning they have offered their permission, so using these images is perfectly ok.


Share a range of different story telling mediums! 

Photos and some text is always great, but we have SO much to offer! Head to our Vimeo and share some of the amazing videos we have around the Kristina Health Centre or Love Mercy as a whole.


Have you been reaching out to your people directly? Or in a wide social media post?

Reaching out to people individually, sharing with them how you’re going in your challenge, how far you are off reaching your goal and also YOUR “why” can be an incredibly powerful method of raising funds! Friends and family are more inclined to donate to a cause if they understand how much work you’re putting in as well as how much you believe in the organisation you’re fundraising for. So be sure to be direct and share the love!


Make donating to you as easy as possible

Link people directly to your fundraising page and suggest an amount they can give you i.e. $50 (funds an entire birthing kit). Sometimes donors can be a bit awkward about how much they should donate so being direct can be a win win!


Connect your Strava to your fundraising page:

Join The Mother Run 2021 strava club and follow along with your teammates who are running for the same cause. Every time you login, you’ll see someone who has already done their 5km that day, making it a touch easier for you to get out there and do yours – especially on days when the legs are sore or you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget to connect your strava to your fundraising too, so people can see just how much effort is going into the 5km a day.

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