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Fortnum has been partnering with Love Mercy for the last 11 years.


The support of Fortnum Foundation over the last 11 years has been pivotal in the operation of the Kristina Health Centre.

Your impact on the community of Awake, and the wider district of Otuke continues to grow each year.

25 Hardworking local staff

53,922 Patients treated

1,152 babies delivered

This year we want to highlight our Cents for Seeds program.

Cents for Seeds is a microloan farming program empowering women to create their own livelihood through a 30 kg loan of seeds. Currently, the project empowers 19,000 women. We are hoping to reach 30,000 households by 2025.

Partner with us to stand alongside a woman and her community in remote northern Uganda today.

$30 = 30kg

seed loan for a woman
and her family

$90 = 3 seed loans

seed loans for 3 women
and their families


provides 1 tonne of seeds,
empowering 33 women

Join The Village

The Village is our monthly donor community. For as little as $30 a month, you can empower 12 women and their families to earn an income and invest in their future. Your impact grows every year too!

Fundraise with us!

Birthdays, weddings, or adventure on your list this year? We give you everything you need to make your fundraiser a success!

Schools or Church

We partner with schools and Churches to help spread awareness and make a greater impact. From guest speakers, like Eloise Wellings, to tiered partnerships, we can adjust for what you need.