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Eloise’s 6-week training program

To get you from Couch to 11km! Welcome to my 6-week training program in the lead up to the Sutherland […]

To get you from Couch to 11km!

Welcome to my 6-week training program in the lead up to the Sutherland to Surf!
This program will cater to both beginners and intermediates who would like to get in shape to run the race. You can help us save lives in Northern Uganda. We’d love to have you join our team and RUN WITH PURPOSE, head to www.lovemercyfoundation.organd register to fundraise.
Beginner: If you’ve never done a fun run before and don’t often jog, but have a moderate level of fitness, e.g. you might play team sports or go to the gym
Warm up for each session every week with a brisk 5 minute walk. Following your session cool down by walking for 5 minutes, followed by stretching.
Start week 1 with the following:
Walk 1 minute then run 1 minute. Repeat this x 10. Do this workout three times per week
Intermediate: If you already run 2-3 times per week.
Session 1 – Tempo run – these build strength and endurance and should be faster than a long run, but steadier than your interval sessions. Warm up with a 10 min jog then run at a comfortably hard effort for 15 minutes. Cool down with a 10 minute jog. 
Session 2 –  Interval training – Short, intense bursts of running, especially uphill will significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness. Try the following interval session to seriously improve your speed and strength Warm up with 15 minute jog, run hard for 2 minutes, walk/jog 1-2 minutes in between. Repeat x 8 times
Session 3 – Long run. These sessions will add to your endurance and the more preparation and long runs under your belt, the stronger and fitter you will become.  Week 1 session should be at a nice steady pace for 8-10km.
Tip: If you’d like to come along to our free training session with Jock Athletic, we meet at Wanda Surf Club on Monday nights at 6:15pm.
See you next week for week 2 of our 6 week program.

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