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Breaking New Ground
The Maternity Project


A new maternity ward in the Otuke region of northern Uganda will provide essential emergency care for expectant mother’s and their babies. Women will have the chance to deliver safely in a ward that is equipped to handle emergency situations, reducing the maternal and infant mortality rate in that part of the world.

Before babies can be delivered at the ward, we need to build the building and fit it out! Bricks and the roof are the very first step and we are relying on people like you to give, so that women delivering their babies don’t have to wonder if they will survive or not.

Below are the project stages of funding.

Firstly, we still need some bricks!

Click on ‘BRICKS’ to donate.

Once an item has been completely funded, the icon will switch to green! Funding will go in the order they appear – once an icon is green, the next will open for funding!

It looks like some have already been funded!


We still need some bricks for the building!


Contribute to the construction of a roof!


Power has been funded by Platinum Electricians


Currently a clean water source at KHC

Beds & Blankets

Essential for any maternity ward

Fittings & lighting

For all the bits and pieces

Medical Equipment

Baby kits, medication, theatre resources and Ultrasound units


Funded by Send Hope Not Flowers until October 2019

OB/GYN and an Anaesthetist

For Emergency services to be in full operation

Breaking New Ground

The end of 2018 saw a drought ravish northern Uganda. It left many of our women in Cents for Seeds with little to no food during the dry season. This led to famine.

In April a small team that included an irrigation expert. He was able to asses the soil type and quality of over 35 different plots of land in northern Uganda. After chatting to some farmers, there has been a few solutions proposed.

To break new ground in northern Uganda this year we need to do the following:

Provide Sesame Seed loans to 13,800 women

Implement and fund 3 x Pilot irrigation systems in 3 separate villages

Water Pumps $500

This will fund a pump and sprinkler connections & fittings including piping and isolators. This is essential for each system to work well.

Sesame (simsim) Seed loan $60

Provide a sesame seed loan to a woman who suffered drought last year. She will be empowered to provide for her family.

Water Tanks $1,500

A crucial element of a trial irrigation system. $1,500 will fund a 10,000L water tank with connections & fittings.

1,000kg for $1,000

1,000kg of seed will provide 33 women with a seed loan that will change their lives forever. June is sesame distribution season, so don't wait!

Irrigation Drip Line $250

Connected to a water tank and pump system, the irrigation drip line will provide water to a section of plot of land as part of a test system

Irrigation investigation