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ADOPT A VILLAGE – Aminocira Profile

Our Sydney runners and walkers are coming together in 2017 to transform a tiny village in northern Uganda. Aminocira is […]

Our Sydney runners and walkers are coming together in 2017 to transform a tiny village in northern Uganda. Aminocira is located 30km south-east of Lira town, the main town where our offices are based.  There are 136 families in Aminocira. With an average birth rate of 7, that’s approx. 1200 people.

The Village
The entrance to Aminocira is nestled amongst trees and bushes which opens up to a clearing filled with thatched roof huts and more modern brick buildings. The surrounding landscape is vast and filled of undulating land, dotted with palm trees, mango trees, acacia, bushes etc.

There is no school in the village, so the children walk between 30-60 minutes there and back per day to the closest school.

Transport is generally on foot, unless someone is well off enough to afford a bike.
These are the traditional mud brick homes common throughout Africa. Whole families share a compound like this one. The multiple buildings are like different rooms – one is a kitchen, others are bedrooms.
The air is filled with the sounds of bird song, roosters crowing, goats bleating, cows mooing, wind rustling through the trees. Babies cry and mothers comfort while children play in the red dust. The village used to be home to many chickens but due to a flu that passed through the village last year the chicken population is very low and now just a few cow and spirited baby goats play in the streets.

This is one of the two water sources close to the village. This well is for 136 families. This water is used as drinking water, as well as cooking and cleaning water. The branches over the top are an effort to keep our large debris and to stop animals from drinking from it.

As you can imagine, this inadequate water source is the cause of many life threatening illnesses, and through our fundraising efforts we aim to provide a cleaner and safer borehole closer to the centre of town.

Aminocira boast it’s own village store which is owned by 29 year old woman called Dorcus. She sells an eclectic selection of bits and bobs including – sodas, curry powder, matches, plastic jugs and cups, plastic bags, candy, hand woven bags and a spare bicycle tire.

The village has its own church building which is used as the local gathering place as it is the only communal building that has adequate shelter from the sun and the rain. Our Cents for Seeds gatherings happen within this building.

These are just some of the women who are waiting to commence the Cents for Seeds program. With your fundraising efforts starting with the Sutherland to Surf, we can transform this entire village to thrive once again.

Together are aiming to raise $25,000 which will:

  1. Provide 500 women with a 30kg loan of beans
  2. Prove 500 women with a hand held gardening tool
  3. Provide 500 women with access to an agricultural training program
  4. Provide 500 women with access to financial literacy training
  5. Drill a new bore hole to provide safe, clean, and easy access to water

500 Families will:

  1. Learn all the necessary agricultural skills to pass on to their community
  2. Have increased and varied nutrition in their diet
  3. Earn an income from sales of their crop
  4. Pay for school fees and therefore send more children to school
  5. Have access to a savings and loans group to be able to save money, earn interest, and withdraw a loan for bigger purchases

When we are done, Aminocira will be:

  1. Well fed
  2. Earning an income
  3. Able to afford to go to the docors
  4. Educated
  5. Drinking clean water


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