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A Rose, a tailor and a bull.

What do they all have in common? Cents for Seeds.

Rose is a member of Cents for Seeds in Uganda.

She reflects many of the 18,000 women that are part of the program in northern Uganda.

“At the beginning of 2020, we were not sure what life would look like. We began the year like many others, ready to work hard in our gardens to provide for our families. I had a hope to finally buy a bull to help with ploughing.

When COVID-19 came, we had to stay home. Only one person could leave at a time, and all children were home from school. Since last year was my first year in the project, I had no savings, and no income. My responsibilities were many. I could not work in the garden, and so I worried how my family would be cared for and fed.

The walk to collect water was long, and it meant that everyone else remained inside. Thankfully, our seeds still came through Love Mercy. Even though they were delayed, I was able to plant my garden, and still harvest 1.5 bags (150kg). I did not get the bull, but I had food on the table and my family went to bed full. I also began saving, but only a little.

This year, I hope to save some more. After my first harvest, I can put more savings into our VSLA group. If I ever fall ill, I know my family will be ok. I know that there will be food on the table.

Maybe one day, I can start a business”.

Rose is an example of 18.000 women in northern Uganda who, day by day, are increasing their income, food security and gaining financial freedom. The small resource of a 30kg loan is simply a tool in empowering entire villages to thrive.

Cents for Seed's first village graduation

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