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500kms in 5 Days Through Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda. 500kms. 5 days. 5 Athletes. UNFORGETABLE.                        

Northern Uganda.


5 days.

5 Athletes.



Starting in Entebbe, our runners ran 100kms each day until they reached Lira in the north of Uganda


Meet our incredible 5 runners! (Left to right) Ultra Marathon Runner Pat Farmer, Justin and Kate Mcdonald, Matt Farmer and Luca Turrini. The team were also joined by Ugandan Olympian and Love Mercy Founder Julius Achon!


Day 1: Running through the city, escorted by police and support cars to keep our runners safe on the roads


Over the next few days, the team will go on to run through some beautiful country. Matt Farmer doing his part for the team!


Pat Farmer and Julius Achon, showing everyone how it’s done!


Kate and a new friend! Along the journey the team met many people, eager to meet the guests to their country and understand why they were there


Luca Turrini and Justin Mcdonald, always bringing the laughs


All this running, all the land covered, all the funds raised, for Love Mercy Foundation. We are so humbled


Luca Turrinni and Julius Achon setting the pace


Day 5: Running into Lira to hundreds of people waiting to greet them, something no one will forget anytime soon


Julius Achon greeting the crowds. Being both a former Olympic Athlete and currently a Politician representing the people in his district, Julius is highly respected and many were excited to see him


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